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2 Bar MP Connection - McVitie's

The Project

Adroit Utilities Ltd were awarded a contract to install a new 2 Bar pipeline to McVities's factory. This consisted of the delivery of the Medium Pressure (MP) pipeline installation, testing and connection.

  • Installation by open cut of new MP gas main

  • Installation by open cut of 3 new MP gas services terminating in a bespoke McVitie's blue kiosk

  • The connection under live conditions to the existing 250mm PE medium pressure gas main.

  • The commissioning of the pipeline including all necessary SCO, AE, CP.

  • The installation of 3 branches of outlet pipework to new and existing plant rooms

  • The disconnection of the existing MP supply


The Challenges

It was vital that the project works to install the new gas pipeline did not impede on the day to day operations of McVitie's. The proposed route for the outlet pipework crossed several areas where a high volume of HGV traffic operated on a daily basis. Adroit overcame this by keeping the relevant stakeholders informed and managed the workload around busy periods. Road plates, open cutting and directional drilling were the methods used and this kept disruption of McVitie's transport supply to a minimum.

The transfer of the outlet pipework from the new meter modules to the existing plant rooms also had to be done with zero downtime to the manufacturing plant, this required all operations to be conducted live. There was no impact on the clients manufacturing operations which left the client extremely satisfied even as far to say 'You've taken the biscuit'.

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