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GL/5 - G17 Preparation, Approval and Appraisal

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At Adroit Utilities we understand the complexities of working on pressurised pipe systems including the GL/5 - G17 process. These are specialised services provided to the gas sector, covering the management and control of new works, alterations, maintenance and repairs undertaken on the UK’s gas distribution networks and private pipelines.

The GL5 - G17 design processes follows a series of defined Key Stages.

  • Initiation

  • Design development

  • Design approval

  • Design appraisal

  • User acceptance

  • Installation

  • Inspection & testing

  • Commissioning

  • Records completion

Adroit have competent personnel to initiate this process in house, once initiated Adroit will produce the Mechanical report and ensure it is signed off by a registered approver and appriaser. Adroit can also provide the same service for Cathodic Protection and Civils if required. 

Please get in touch for more information.

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