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Gas Outlet / Installation Pipework


Adroit specialise in the design and installation of commercial outlet pipework and can design and install either above ground carbon steel or Stainless Steel pipework or underground PE (plastic) outlet pipework if a boundary meter / kiosk is required or preferred. Choosing Adroit to deliver all elements of your new gas infrastructure ensures everything will be done on time and on budget without compromising on safety. We will design, plan and execute new connections together with meter installations, outlet pipework and purging to achieve project completion – saving you time in specifying requirements and coordinating installation across multiple suppliers. All outlet pipework installations are designed and installed in accordance with the relevant gas safety legislation and are constructed by correctly qualified Gas Safe registered engineers.

We have experience in carrying steel & PE outlet work for high rise properties and multiple occupancy buildings. We can also provide a full turnkey solution to your maintenance / emergency repairs on your outlet pipework minimising your down time.


Above ground, steel outlet pipework installations

Our welded steel outlet pipework installations are designed and constructed considering the layout of the property, ensuring safety compliance whilst delivering the most practical, aesthetic and cost effective solution to meet your specific needs. All supporting documentation including NDT & material data will also be provided with a QA pack.

Below ground MDPE (plastic) outlet pipework installations

Usually, connecting your boundary meter to your appliances will require an underground MDPE (plastic) outlet pipework installation. In many instances a boundary meter requirement is mandated by the gas Network Owner, and therefore generally not incorporated into your initial specification and planning. With this knowledge it is advantageous to coordinate the design and installation of this outlet pipework alongside your inlet to maximise time and cost efficiencies and minimise disruption.

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