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Live Branch Connections

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Adroit Utilities Ltd is one of only a limited number of companies to hold full GIRS approval for this type of work and we have made significant investment in training and equipment to deliver this service. passing on the economic and practical benefits to our Client.

The advantages of a branch connection are

  • Cost effective method of connection.

  • Can be performed on LIVE mains without disruption.

  • Reduced inconvenience for the site.

  • Improved public perception for the client and gas company.

  • Lower excavation / reinstatement costs compared to a traditional cut in tee.

  • Reduced Timescale & manpower

  • As a Stand-alone solution to Clients and Contractors independent of Gas installation services we offer:

  • Gas connections including management of the connection permitry and on-site SCO supervision to meet the local GT requirements.

  • Downstream gas connections without disruption to existing connections / consumers.

  • Industrial & Commercial Process Applications requiring additional off takes, modifications, or diversions without disruption.


Please get in touch for further information.

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