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Gas Distribution Systems

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There are eight gas distribution networks (GDNs), each of which covers a separate geographical region of Great Britain.

These eight networks are owned and managed by the following companies:

  • Cadent Ltd (formally National Grid Gas Distribution) – West Midlands, North West, East of England and North London

  • Northern Gas Networks Limited – North East England (including Yorkshire and Northern Cumbria)

  • Wales & West Utilities Limited – Wales and South West England

  • SGN – Scotland and Southern England (including South London)

In addition there are a number of smaller networks owned and operated by Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs), such as Fulcrum Pipelines, GTC, Last Mile, ESP, ect. These are located within the areas covered by the GDNs. In order to be able to distribute gas through the systems, GDNs and IGTs must hold a licence. Adroit Utilities have contracts in place to allow connections, disconnections, alterations and more to all GDN’s & IGT’s

Further information on how the networks operate and where they are located can be found on the website of the Energy Networks Association.

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