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Pipeline Intervention / Flow Stopping


Extending and modifying your existing pressurised system while it’s under full operating conditions. Line Stops are used to temporarily shut down a pipeline system to complete modifications or repairs. They allow a system to operate as usual without any interruption of service. Line Stops can be performed on almost any kind of pipeline.

The Line Stop operation consists of a special flanged fitting, a temporary valve, and flow stopping equipment. The fitting is installed and tested, the temporary valve is installed, and the hot tap is completed. After the hot tap, we install the line stop actuator and insert the stopping head into the line.

When the necessary work has been accomplished, the stopping head is removed, and the completion plug is set. The completion plug seals at the flange on the fitting and allows us to remove the temporary gate valve. A blind flange is installed and the operation is complete.

Valve Insertion:

Adroit understands that in most cases, it is undesirable to stop the flow completely and drain it in order to install a new valve. The method above can be used to insert new line valves, branch valves & offtakes if a hot tap is not a viable option.

Advantages to performing a flow stop / line stop include:

  • Flow remains ONLINE and UNDER PRESSURE

  • Reduced project expense

  • Reduced installation time


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