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Outlet / Installation Pipework - AstraZeneca

The Project

Adroit Utilities Ltd were awarded the opportunity for the large diameter outlet pipeline installation, testing and connection at a sensitive site.

  • Installation of 120m+ x 315mm PE (in 5 phases)

  • The installation of 2 strategic line valves and provision of all pipeline fittings as required

  • The pneumatic testing of the pipeline

  • The provision of protective coating to strategic line valves at 2 locations on the pipeline

  • The connection under live conditions to the existing 315mm PE Low pressure gas main

  • The provision of a temporary By-Pass during live connection operations

  • The provision and deployment of specialist flow stop Equipment

  • The provision of written SCO procedures Inc AE (Authorising Engineer) and CP (Competent Person)

The Challenges

As this is a sensitive site and a pharmaceutical production facility the priority was to ensure the clients manufacturing process was uninterrupted. As the manufacturing could not be interrupted pipeline flow analysis was completed by Adroit and a engineering solution was proposed and agreed.

A specialist flow stop technique was used to connect the new pipeline to the existing and also disconnect the redundant pipeline. This also involved the purging of the redundant pipeline ready for it's removal to enable construction works to continue.

Due to the site being of a sensitive nature and also maintaining the highest sterile environment required on site, Adroit took necessary precautions to ensure this was achieved. With regards to the sensitive nature Adroit's staff were vetted and had to maintain continuity of staff throughout the project.  

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