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Hot Tapping - Under Pressure Drilling

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Hot Tapping: The ability to safely tie-in to a pressurised system while under full operating conditions. Hot Taps can be performed on almost any type of pipe, ranging from carbon steel to PVC. Taps are done on lines containing water, oil, gases, fuels, steam, and many other chemicals. Pressures up to 1440 psig can be Hot Tapped safely with no interruption of service.

  • Asbestos-Cement

  • Stainless Steel

  • Carbon Steel

  • Ductile Iron

  • Cast Iron

  • Water

  • Steam

  • Natural Gas

  • Wastewater


Adroit uses the latest technology in coupon retention available. When a Hot Tap is performed, the double wired pilot drill retains the coupon and it is recovered when the Hot Tap is completed. Typical Hot Tap installation consists of a tapping saddle, gate valve, and Hot Tapping Machine. The installation is tested, the valve is opened, and the cutter and pilot drill advanced. When the cut is completed, the cutter and pilot drill are retracted, the valve is closed and the Hot Tap Machine removed. Hot Tapping is the ability to safely tie into a pressurised system while it is on stream and under pressure. Typical connections consist of a tapping fitting, isolation valve, and hot tapping machine. The hole saw is advanced through the valve, to the pipe. The machine is engaged and the cut begins. When the cut is finished, the machine is disengaged and retracted beyond the gate of the valve. The valve is closed and the machine is removed. The coupon is retained by using a wired pilot drill. The wire on the pilot toggles, thus catching the coupon and preventing it from falling off.


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