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Biogas and Renewable Energy Connections


The UK Biogas industry is experiencing significant growth and has expanded seven-fold since 2010 according the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA).

Our Aim is to facilitate new connections to the existing gas distribution network in the UK that will enable bio-methane producers to inject their renewable gas into the pipeline and grid network. The addition of bio -methane into the grid will help the UK minimise its carbon footprint and avert from unsustainable fossil fuels, whilst increasing the security and diversity of energy supplies.

Biogas Connections

Adroit’s biogas connection service enables energy produced by biogas generators to be fed into the UK network via the installation of new gas infrastructure connection. Adroit can carry out the design, testing and installation of biogas infrastructure getting the client online and generating revenue. Biogas is becoming an important part of the UK’s energy mix and there is real potential for it to take an even greater role in the future. Our biogas pipeline installation service enables our clients to transport energy produced by biogas sites back into the UK gas network enabling the client to benefit from the relevant Feed-In Tariffs.

Adroit is perfectly placed to support the growth of the biogas industry by implementing our extensive gas infrastructure experience, we provide existing operators and new market entrants with the design, construction and commissioning of new pipeline infrastructure including P9 welding  & hot tap operations.

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