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Gas Meters, Governors, PRI & Energy Supply Contracts


Whether you require meter installation, relocation, removal or upgrading, we’re committed to providing bespoke solutions to meet your individual needs. We can specify, construct and install all types of gas meters from standard U6 low pressure right through to large industrial & commercial turbine meter rigs for medium pressure & intermediate pressure. Before an installation, it’s essential to have an energy supply contract in place, however if you don’t, we’re here to help and can provide you with a number of energy suppliers that you will be able to contact. Before a gas meter can be installed, it’s necessary to ensure that the proposed location and gas connection points are safe, legal and have the appropriate ventilation. Again, we’re here to assist and we’re happy to facilitate this for you.


A low pressure meter can be situated inside a building, with proximity to an external wall, however, meters that operate at higher pressures will need to be situated externally within a suitable kiosk, and sometimes a concrete base is required if the meter is free standing. Alternatively, if you wish to move the position of a gas pipe, or meter we can relocate your gas service and meter position with minimum inconvenience and disruption. 

Energy Supply Contracts

We have a number of contacts with the leading energy suppliers in the UK and can facilitate a seamless process for our clients providing a turnkey solution for connection and meter installation. In some cases Adroit may be able to supply a free gas meter if we are also carrying out the connection.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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